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Social Climbing

Artist: The Hooks
Label: Hooked On Music
Release Date: 9-11-2017
Genres: Indie, Indie Rock, Rock

About Album

Recorded at legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley California. A release from one of the most exciting bands in San Francisco at the moment. Irish transplants have made the bay area their home. The album is hook-laden containing a vast array of colors and sounds.


1. Flying Colours 3:38
2. Tears At The Airport 4:03
3. Acrobats of Desire 2:45
4. Social Climbing 3:39
5. Always the Last to Leave The Party 3:43
6. The Girl With The Big Big Ambition 2:04
7. Your Drunken Heart 3:47
8. Everything For You 2:58
9. Parachute Girl 3:25
10. Burning Lights 2:41